How to Find the Perfect NYC Roommate

They are out there, we promise.

How to Find the Perfect NYC Roommate

By Miranda Levingston

1) Start early.

This is like bold, highlighted key. Finding a person whose lifestyle complements yours requires thorough investigating. You are one-of-a-kind—so it makes sense that finding someone as extraordinary as yourself could take some time.


2) Use RoomZoom, obviously.

Luckily for you, the RoomZoom team vets all members on social media and weeds out all of the potential #roommatefails—presenting you with fun, friendly people to live with based on your needs. They also list trusted landlords. Boom.


3) Check them out!

Not that we promote stalking, but checking out a potential roommate’s RoomZoom profile and social media accounts is always a good idea. It will give you a better sense of who they are, and if they have insta-worthy pets.


4) Count the little things.

Roommate Food

Unless you have a unicorn for a roommate, you’ve probably had at least one non-magical rooming situation. Take the RoomZoom lifestyle questionnaire to make sure you and your new living buddy are compatible on mundane thingslike washing dishes or borrowing clothesto avoid problems that have cropped up before.


5) Meet in person!

But you knew that. Do something fun togethergo bowling, or to a poetry slam, or simply hit up their favorite bar or brunch spot.  Use their RoomZoom questionnaire responses to spark conversation and get totally clear about living habits and expectations. The less interview-y, the better.


6) Call in a friend!

Invite your potential roommate out with your friends, or have one of your friends join you halfway through the roommate hang. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and how your friends mesh with your living buddy will say a lot about your future living situation.


7) Discuss the design.

Roommate Design

Decorations and aesthetic are essential to making any place feel like home. Whether you prefer incense and fairy lights or or all-white everything, this is an essential conversation to have with your roommate.