Where to purchase beds (other than IKEA)

By Rachel Chou

Your worst case scenario: bed collapsing whilst sleeping. For maximum survival probability, avoid being surrounded by furniture that can potentially fall out from under you. How to do? Purchase everlasting goods. 

Second-worst case scenario: day one of move-in to your beautiful NYC bedroom (perhaps courtesy of RoomZoom), you fall asleep on a pile of unlaundered clothing and wake up to chirping birds and a bra cup hanging off your ear. To avoid face-plant exhaustion into your dirty underwear, pre order beautiful furniture and assemble bed before you start unpacking.

Third-worst-case scenario: you picked up a bed frame off the street and wake up the next morning to find itchy clusters of red dots all over your body. Buy furniture you trust to avoid bed bugs nestling in with you at night.

Best-case scenario: a good quality, decently priced bed that flows with the aesthetic of your new digs. No bugs, no problem. Here are some of our favorite sites to bed-surf.