People Watching: Williamsburg Edition

While wandering around on the streets, I heard music. Naturally, I followed it to its source and came upon these guys performing. Instagram: @thebasementsounds

By Yuri Iwahara

Oh, Williamsburg. Home (and birthplace, one might argue) of the Brooklyn hipster. The neighborhood itself may be becoming gentrified, but the styles on Bedford Avenue are anything but vanilla.

Once upon a time, this neighborhood was considered gritty and avant-garde. Once upon a time, Smorgasborg was nothing but an abstract idea dreamt up by an idle mind and once upon a time, the Music Hall was a brand-new venue that only hosted underground indie bands.

Sure, those years are long gone. But the people wandering the streets of Williamsburg have been keeping with the times and constantly upgrading their looks to fresh, experimental styles.

Mix and Match


Two distinct examples of working a similar outfit: green crop top, high-waisted denim shorts, white sneakers, backpack. And glasses, tattoos, earrings. Seriously, this duo was camera-ready and looked incredible.

Instagrams: @shanegarciaa (L), @cup.ofcoffee (R)

On the Go


I spotted this lanky fellow sitting on a bench looking picture-perfect, but then he suggested using this wall as a backdrop instead. No regrets. His playful energy lent itself to the colorful painting. His layered outfit was practical but stylish: i.e., ready for anything thrown his way.

Instagram: @inbetweenthebun

Spruced Up


When someone pulls off looking dapper without looking cheesy, I am impressed. Case in point, this outfit. I was very impressed by this outfit. The monochrome look made her perfectly combed, vivid hair pop out and catch my eye from a half-block away.

Instagram: @jaxslair

Bare It All


When it gets hot out, sometimes you’ve just got to let loose and bare your chest. The naked chest layered with the classic plaid flannel: a timeless look for all. Not to mention the American flag sneakers: are they patriotic? Ironic? I suppose I will never find out. A true enigma.

Instagram: @mirchman

The Puppy Accessory


When in doubt, dress in all black: this is a no-fail, always-chic look. Having a really cute dog by your side (note: black leash and black collar) doesn’t hurt, either.

Instagram: @elanawearsblack

Sleek and Wispy


This dainty woman knew how to find the light to hit her face in all of the right places, and it was humbling to photograph such a talented human being. This effortless outfit consisted of a flowy robe layered on top of… actually, I’m not sure. But I’m willing to bet it looked flawless.

Instagram: @mmmxhm

Full Sleeves


The bold, beautifully illustrated tattoos on his arms stand out all the more against the simplicity of his crisp, white pocket tee. The red string necklace is a nice touch as well.

Instagram: @mynameisdario

Urban Tropical


The ironic Hawaiian shirt is making a comeback, and it is a beautiful phenomenon indeed. This particular lovely lady was walking with a group of friends but, as I told her, I noticed her outfit first. The shirt combined with the bright yellow bag works, somehow, and made her stand out in a crowd of (also very well dressed) people.

Instagram: @Nabila.g.morales

The Confident Crop


I ran across the street to catch him as he was about to cross. From the rubber-duck-yellow socks to the bright turquoise crop-top to the way he carried himself, he oozed a self-confidence that was truly (as his shirt puts it so well) SPECIAL. It all proved to be worth it when he struck a pose on cue and executed a perfect pout.

Instagram: @punkspank

Athlete Vogue


Yeah, even the joggers grace the streets with style. Apparently, it’s possible to look chic when you’re dressed for cardio and you know you’re going to be sweaty and out of breath in a few minutes. Check out the purple headband and those bold sneakers.


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