Dream Airbnbs for a Weekend Retreat

Geo Dome Airbnb Geo Dome Airbnb in the Catskills.

By Jemma Howlett

Need to get out of the city for a weekend? Travelling is exciting, but sometimes figuring out where you are going to stay can be stressful and an after thought. Why not make your accommodations the destination? We picked out some of the coolest, most original Airbnbs that could provide you a sweet oasis. These unique spots might also provide design inspiration for some new home décor!

Cozy Storybook Castle

Where? Ellington, CT
How Far? 2.5 hours from NYC
Who? Accommodates 6
How Much? $175 per night

Storybook Airbnb

Grab a group of friends and live out your Disney dreams. You can whistle while you work and let it go in this three-bedroom New England abode.

Enchanted Tree House

Where? Middle Grove, NY
How Far? 3.5 hours from NYC
Who? Accommodates 2 people
How Much? $149 per night

Treehouse Airbnb

A great place to relax, hike, read, and get in touch with your inner child. The inside is rustic but not barren. Surprisingly, the accommodation offers comforts such as a full bathroom and hot water. Who wouldn’t want to live in this idyllic tree house, even if it is just for a weekend?

Private Island

Where? Hinesburg, VT
How Far? 5.5 hours from NYC
Who? Accommodates 4
How Much? $245 per night


Believe it or not, you can live on your own private island! This lush, 1-acre island in Lake Iroquois will be yours and yours alone for a retreat into the wilderness. Camp with the luxury of a fully functioning kitchen and shower. You can entertain yourself by swimming, fishing, kayaking, and gathering around campfires! And don’t fear—the island is only 20 minutes from Burlington if you need a civilization fix during your stay.

Tiny Home on a Farm

Where? Woodridge, NY
How Far? 2 hours from NYC
Who? 3 people
How Much? $125 per night

Tiny Airbnb

Ever feel like you need to simplify your life and go live in the middle of nowhere for a while? This could be your fresh start. It seems like tiny homes are popping up everywhere; try out the minimized lifestyle in Woodridge. Plus, you will get to hang out with goats, sheep, chickens, and angora rabbits if you so choose.

Retro Camper in Beacon

Where? Beacon, NY
How far? 90 minutes from NYC
Who? 2 people
How Much? $95 per night


Extend your day in Beacon to a weekend and stay at this adorable, fully restored 1966 camper at the base of Mount Beacon. An adorable place to stay with your significant other and the perfect base for both hiking and exploring the town.

Geo Dome in the Catskills

Where? Woodridge, NY
How Far? 2 hours from NYC
Who? 16+ guests
How Much? $350 per night


Have you ever wanted to stay in a geo dome? Well here’s your chance. This Catskills haven is an amazing base for upstate adventures. Hiking, biking, swimming, sleeping in a dome—you can do it all for $350 a night. The dome can house 16+ people (if you bring your own mattresses). Could be perfect for an adventure with a big group of friends or a retreat with your new company to build camaraderie!

Yurt and 80 acres

Where? Waterville, NY
How far? 4 hours from NYC
Who? 3 guests
How Much? $110 per night


Need to recharge your batteries, relax, and breathe in some fresh, rural air? This is the spot! Not only do you get to stay in a yurt, there are also private trails available on the property for hiking or cross-country skiing. For additional entertainment, canoeing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, and fishing are available nearby.

1941 Restored Vintage Caboose

Where? Lock Haven, PA
How Far? 3.5 hours from NYC
Who? 2 guests
How Much? $62 per night


Yup, you read that right! You can sleep, cook, shower, and live in this train! And could this caboose be any cuter? The inside has been re-done to allow for modern comforts, such as a new toilet and microwave but they have still left vintage interior touches with coffee and washroom signs. Live out your childhood fantasies and spend a night as the conductor.


Jemma HowlettJemma Howlett is a writer, runner, traveller, college student and carb-enthusiast. Check out her coffee blog, thecoffeetravels.wordpress.com, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @jemmahow.