RoomZoom Reacts: Donald Trump Elected President

American Flag

By RoomZoom Staff

Early Wednesday morning, voters elected Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. The decision, which defied the expectations of most pundits, was easily the most polarizing in modern electoral history, sparking a rash of protests around the country as Clinton supporters grapple with the shocking upset. Below, the RoomZoom staff reacts to the news:


“The sky and people all around the world have cried Wednesday. History could’ve been made last night, but America proved to us that it wasn’t ready to move on, hence they’re moving backwards. We’re all scared; I’m terrified for these next four years and the repercussions of the decision made by the electoral colleges. I just wish for everyone to stay strong because this is just beginning; don’t lose the courage to go on and we will triumph.”

— Lara B.

“I’m disappointed. When I woke up Wednesday morning, I couldn’t believe that Trump was our new president. I couldn’t understand how anyone could think he was the person for the job and I was floored that we were in this position as a country.

But now, I’m mostly disappointed in the socio-economic issues that brought us here. I’m less concerned about Trump’s supporters and am now more concerned with the lack of communication, rampant corruption, and our ridiculous and inefficient voting process. Basically, now that the shock has passed, I’m ready to do what it takes to never get to this point again and to continue to improve the racial tension and ignorance we face today.”

— Jasmin P.

“I am not one to talk about my political stance, because I do believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, I feel that I am deeply affected by the outcome of this election being a black male and I feel the need to make a stance. I am horrified by the amount of friends and family who have chosen to vote Trump. Not because I am afraid of him, but because of the racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and sexist rhetoric that he has shined a spotlight on, and how he has normalized discrimination. This election has exposed the beliefs of many friends and family that I did not expect to support Trump’s values and ideas and that is what frightens me the most. I wish I had the privilege to say that the result of this election does not affect me. It does, and the scariest part is that people I care deeply about have chosen to side with the ideals of Trump. I hope for wisdom that this new presidential era brings about. America needs to unite in a time when Trump has exposed the hatred brewing within some hearts. A nation divided cannot stand—I hope that our nation will work past the dichotomy that currently separates it and can eventually be mended.”

—Ethan D.

“Since the wee hours of Wednesday morning, my predominantly liberal campus has been a ghost town. Petitions to cancel class and exams abounded; half the students in my Thursday morning class didn’t show up. I understood, because I myself was still reeling. I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by Tuesday’s results, because I’ve long felt that we’re a nation divided, especially as both a black person and a woman. But I’ve felt it far more deeply this week, as I clicked from one tab detailing the harassment of young students of color by emboldened bigots to another where Facebook friends exulted in plans to #MAGA. My hope is that those celebrating can pause and attempt to understand that their fellow citizens’ pain goes beyond political policy this time, and think about how they can help address that. And I hope that those who, like me, are hurting, can pick themselves up, make their own efforts to understand others’ perspectives, and resolve to work that much harder for what they believe in.”

— Taylor S.