Masterfool Presents: Macbeth!

Allemano and Hirsh survey the stage. Photo courtesy of FoxWolf Productions


Through December 13th

New York Distilling Company, Brooklyn, NY

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The show goes on.

After this June’s spectacular performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, production duo Alice Allemano and Chris Hirsh are back at it this week with another Shakespearian favorite, Macbeth. It’s the first official production by Masterfool, an actor’s collective headed by Allemano and Hirsh. Like Midsummer, it’s a stunning performance in another unlikely setting, this time amongst gin barrels at the New York Distilling Company. Producers FoxWolf Productions, brainchild of Caroline Spearpoint and Miriam Thorn, first scouted the distillery and they were on hand opening night, flitting about making sure every detail was perfect for the hundred or so audience members.

Allemano affirmed that passion drove her and each of the actors, many of whom also appeared in the acclaimed Midsummer, to do a second production this year. With budgets as they are, she jokes that passion is both essential and elemental; “It can’t be only about the money, because there is no money. People see a unique, cool thing coming together for a brief period of time and they just want to be a part of it. It’s special; it’ll only be able to be seen for one week, then poof, never again.”

Hot Toddys flow freely from the bar before the show, (tip, along with your Hot Toddy, bring a blanket or someone to cuddle with. It’s chilly in the distillery!) After the show, the bar remains open with complimentary drinks as cast members mill about, the festive air is the perfect setting to cheer you up after all that death and gore.


Tickets are $37. New York Distilling Company, 79 Richardson St, Brooklyn, NY

Read Alice Allemano’s interview on theater life in New York City here


Full Macbeth Cast:

Jamie Watkins – Director


Christopher Hirsh – Macbeth

Alice Allemano – Lady Macbeth

Jon Huggins – Banquo

Asia Kate Dillon – Malcolm

Ayana Workman – Witch, a murderer, and others

Brandon Rubin – Duncan and Old Siward

Bruce Jones – Witch, a murderer, and others

Christopher Hirsh

Conrad Schott – Macduff

Dominique Brillon – Fleance, Son of Macduff, and others

Jake Levitt – Rosse

Julia Anrather – Lady Macduff

Sam Garber – Angus

Terralon Walker – Young Siward, Donalbain, and others

Alex Dunbar as a Witch, a porter, and others


Cat Yudain – Fights and Movement

Emily Roth – Stage Manager

Megan Dallas Estes – Light Design

Maddie Peterson – Costume